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The Heart Of Kids Aboard?

Seeing the process of how kids transform is the reason why we do what I do. If you are a parent who is looking for help, We are here to support you and your family… As a private speech and occupational practice, you get the comfort and peace of mind that we are working with your child in a loving environment. 

We love looking back and seeing the process and the strides that we have done with each and every one of the children that we work with. 

My goal is always to make sure that each child feels supported and gets the help that he or she needs... 

Chaya Posner - Kids Aboard Therapy

Chaya Posner - Kids Aboard Therapy (Private Practice)

In addition to being the founder of our private practice, Kids Aboard, I am lucky to serve the community as a rabbi’s wife and as a lawyer who takes on hand-picked cases in life planning for families with children with special needs, including motor and speech and language challenges.

Most importantly, I am a mother to my four beautiful children. Parenting in a modern world is a daunting job. Parents have more access to information and services than ever before, yet we can still feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Having children of my own helps me stay in tune with that feeling. I know that knowledge is power and I strive to give that to my parents through the private speech and occupational therapy practice.

My ultimate passion is my work in therapy because I have seen the big changes that small steps can make in a child's life. My love of learning is never-ending and I have taken many courses to increase my specialization. I am certified in the Advanced Brain Technology Listening program-using music to train your brain. In addition, I am certified in pediatric neuro developmental treatment. I am also trained in Primitive Reflex Integration and Sensory Integration, which take a child from their months as a baby to maximize their overall development into adolescence. I have also trained with the Neuro Net learning program which is designed to help students develop core academic skills and become independent learners.

Kids Aboard Therapy was founded in response to a growing need for a service that personalizes the child and the child’s family. We keep our client base small so we can focus on each child individually.

What Is Kids Aboard Therapy?

Kids Aboard is a private practice working with children in pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy, both private and group speech and language therapy, and sensory integration, for children in South Florida. We cater to children and teenagers aged 0-21.

We provide: occupational therapy assessment and treatment; sensory integrative assessment and treatment; as well as speech and language assessment and treatment, in homes, schools and at our private clinic location.

Our aim is to help children reach their full potential and to help parents and teachers support the process.

Our aim is to help children reach their full potential and to help parents and teachers support the process.

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