November 11


Fine Motor Flags!

On Veterans Day, take the opportunity to celebrate with your child as well to honor the men and women who have served to defend our country. Get in the spirit with this fun flag activity which is a great way to practice fine motor skills, sensory input, handwriting, and early math skills!

step 1

Gather your Supplies

For this activity, you will need multi-colored pipe cleaners, beads, scissors, markers, and masking tape.

step 2

Assemble your Flags

Using masking tape, cut out small pieces and loop them around each pipe cleaner to form a flag. Then, write out different numbers on each flag. You can make as many sets as you want! If your child is old enough, encourage them to practice writing out their numbers onto each flag, or help your little ones who are not writing yet;)

step 3

Let's Get Beading!

Using the numbers labelled on each flag as a guide, string the beads on each flag. Your child will have fun looping and unlooping the beads as they practice their numbers and fine motor skills.


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