Questions to Ask Your Insurance Carrier Before Your Appointment

Below you will find a list of questions that are very important. Make sure that you contact your insurance carrier before your appointment and find out this key information:

What is my Primary Insurance?

What is my Secondary Insurance?

What is my Member number?

What is my r ID number?

*Take note of the date you call and the representative you speak to. This information may come in handy later.

Will there be coverage for the services my child needs in occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical therapy?

If there is coverage, are there any exclusions?

Are there habilitative benefits?

Do I have a co-payment or is there a percentage of the bill I will be responsible for?

Does my plan require a deductible be paid for the calendar year before the coverage begins? What is the dollar amount?

Does my child have an out-of-pocket maximum that I pay per calendar year?

Does my insurance plan cover only a limited number of sessions for each calendar year?

Is there a requirement that I get a prior authorization and/or a referral before I see a clinician?

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