Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory regulation is the ability of the child to pay attention to the environmental feedback your body is receiving and respond accordingly and it’s how we interpret the world around us, complete everyday activities and be able to function in a successful manner.

You’ve found the Sensory Therapy in Davie that you’ve been searching for!

Kids Aboard offers sensory therapy in our Davie location serving the South Florida community. 

How do I know if my child needs sensory therapy or integration? And when can I bring him to the Davie location?

A child with sensory regulation difficulties will often either find an environment too stimulating and be over-sensitive to the environment, (resulting in them acting out, finding things very difficult in school/shopping centers, and other noisy environments) or they will show little or no reaction to otherwise extreme sensory input, (resulting in little or no change in emotion or state when bright lights/loud noises, heat or strong smells enter the environment).

Sensory regulation and integration is vital in childhood development and the acquisition of new skills. If a child has a poor integration, they may have difficulties both at home and at school in some of these areas:

  • Acting out when placed in a noisy or bright environment
  • Movement difficulties
  • Fine motor difficulties
  • Responding to loud noises/bright lights or strong smells
  • Finding school and other noisy environments difficult to deal with
  • Little or no reaction to sensory inputs
  • Difficulty concentrating in class
  • Difficulty moving between classes/ or coping in a crowded environment

We’d love to offer a free assessment at our Davie location! Call us at 9543062807 to make an appointment and find out if your child would benefit from sensory integration therapy. You don’t need to search anymore for “sensory integration near me”, where here to help!

Located at 8276 Griffin Rd. Davie FL. 33328

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