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Smart but Scattered – Book Review

The latest research in child development shows that many kids who have the brain and heart to succeed lack or lag behind in crucial "executive skills"--the fundamental habits of mind required for getting organized, staying focused, and controlling impulses and emotions.

The book, Smart but Scattered, is written to help the parents of the 4-13 year old child struggling with executive functioning skills. The authors introduce easy-to-follow steps to identify the child's strengths and weaknesses.

The book contains activities and techniques proven to boost specific skills and problem-solve daily routines. 

The most useful feature I find are the checklists:

First, there are checklists to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the executive functioning areas.

There is also an additional checklist to identify the parent’s strengths and weaknesses as it relates to executive functioning skills. 

The book helps parents gain insight into the executive functioning skills or lack of skills in their child so they can teach skills and modify for skills not existent. 

By matching up a parent’s strengths and weaknesses with their child’s, the authors help a parent gain the insight to properly work together with their child towards success.

Also included in the text are resources to help a child learn crucial executive functioning skills including morning routine checklists, homework planners, and behavior contracts.  The book guides parents through common plans needed in daily routines, once again utilizing easy-to-follow charts.

Unlike other books on the subject which are theoretical, this book can be applied immediately by the parent to guide a child struggling to obtain executive functioning skills. 

Though the book, “Smart but Scattered” is quite comprehensive, it truly is a valuable tool to both parents and professionals alike when working with the preschool and elementary school children on executive functioning skills. 

Take a look below and feel free to purchase from Amazon below:

Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential 

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Book Review

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