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Tips and Tricks for Remote Learning

Let’s face it: Sitting in front of a computer screen is rough...

Even as adults, we might be feeling the strain of the virtual world. Anyone else get to the end of their day and find themselves wanting to lock their laptop away?

The constant stimulation is difficult, and we need to give props to our kids sitting online all day navigating the virtual world like pros.

However, we cannot forget that most children do struggle in front of a screen and are feeling the same strain as us to keep up in the classroom-be it in a school building or right in your own home.

It is important to strike a balance; we cannot expect our children to sit in front of a screen without consistent breaks but walking away constantly too could leave a child lost and struggling.

This is where you, as the parent, can prove to be their magical tool simply by installing a few tricks to get your child’s head back in the books.

Consider the possibilities right from your own seat! These mini-breaks will keep your kid focused on the teacher with their ten digits well entertained and hard at work.

Chair sit ups

This will get your kid up without even moving from their seat. With both hands grabbing the edge of the chair, have your child lift themselves from the chair and hold the position for as long as they can.

Hand-push and pull

This quick time out is a great strategy that we use in sessions all the time. Gathering your hands in a “tree-pose”, hold them together and count to ten. Then, link your fingers together and pull!

Toys Examples

Sensory Fidgets

Squishy Toys

These can be as simple as play-do or a DIY-stress ball. You can also make it exciting and have your child pick out a fidget like any of these linked below.

Sensory Fidgets

Edamame Keychain

A similar toy where you're able to play and make it exciting by playing with the edamame. It has a keychain to make it easier to carry, but be careful when you give this toy to small kids.

Chair Bands

Chair Bands

These discreet bands will blend right into your child’s at-home classroom setup. Without even noticing, they will be harnessing their focus on schoolwork by channeling their hyperactivity effectively.

Eye Spy-Eye

Breaks are important. Encourage your child to close their eyes for a moment if they feel overwhelmed or tired or look away from the screen, even engaging in a quick round of Eye-Spy.


A visual is important for so many children and now is the best time to discover what learning method suits your child best. 

Shaping letters or studying arithmetic? Gather some fun flashcards, and if your child needs some independent learning and a short break from screen time, have them write out their work on the cards. This will improve their fine motor skills . 

Get them some fun pens too to make their studies feel fresh and exciting. Next time they feel bored, they can pick up those cards without breaking away their focus from the learning at hand.

Change in Environment

Sometimes, all we need is a change in scenery. If possible, try to move your child around in between classes. This will get them moving and a different setting very well might ‘reset’ your child to conquer their next class.

As a bonus, the benefits of teaching your kids these tricks now will not go away when all of this  is over.

Giving a child the tools to maintain their attention in a classroom and beyond will be an invaluable asset in their daily lives.

It is important for every child to know, whether they are hyperactive or suffer from learning disabilities, that the classroom is their safe spot to express themselves through their studies anytime and anywhere.


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