We Rock the Spectrum – Davie, Davie, FL

We Rock the Spectrum in Davie, Davie, FL, is an indoor playground for children of all ages and abilities. This is a place where kids can be kids, build friendships and give their parents the peace of mind of knowing their children are safe. The facility features sensory-safe play equipment designed to be both educational and fun. The facility is designed to provide accessible and inclusive play, encouraging social connections, life skills, and self-confidence. Everything in the entire facility has been designed and/or extensively modified to ensure that it is safe and accessible for all children, encouraging positive and diverse peer interactions and self-confidence. Learn more here.

When you enter the facility, you are welcomed by softly cushioned padded flooring and a wide variety of play equipment. In the Neon Room, there is sensory play equipment, a large climbing structure, an obstacle course for pre-schoolers, and a trampoline with a safety net. The ball pit is especially great for small children. In the Therapy Room, you’ll find swings and climbing structures designed to help children with sensory stimulation and emotional development. The Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory environment designed to provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere for children with emotional and/or special needs. This area has soft lighting and music and a variety of interactive light and sound toys. The X-Box area is an interactive playground for children of all ages and a great place to let kids get their energy out. The area has two climbing walls, two tunnels, and two slides. In addition to the playground, there is a large area for unstructured play and a picnic area for lunch or snacks. Learn more about The Smashit House Davie, Davie, FL.

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